New Halal Regulations Approved: Canada


July 2, 2014

The Canadian government has recently added an amendment to the Food and Drugs Act requiring companies who manufacture or sell halal goods to ensure new halal labelling regulations are met. This is a huge win for consumers of halal goods and proof the Canadian government is responding positively to recommendations made by organizations like ours that having better standards means a stronger market eco-system with happier customers.

This amendment reaffirms what most Canadian consumers already demand from halal manufacturers and retailers: informed consent. Stronger labelling standards and tighter government regulations means customers have all the information they need before they purchase. It also means greater transparency in identifying the certification body that actually certifies the finished goods. The new law comes into effect in 2016 with oversight and enforcement by the CFIA.

Here is the new amendment:

[blockquote sc_id=”sc1370259704849″]A person must not use, in labelling, packaging, advertising or selling a food, the word “halal” — or any letters of the Arabic alphabet or any other word, expression, depiction, sign, symbol, mark, device or other representation that indicates or that is likely to create an impression that the food is halal — unless the name of the person or body that certified the food as halal is indicated on the label or package or in the advertisement or sale. [B.01.050, 2014][/blockquote]

At Halal Advisory Group we adhere to all safety, quality control, and halal standards, both self-imposed and government mandated. We can ensure your firm meets and surpasses all compliance regulations both domestic and international. Want to get certified? Please call one of our Halal Advisors today to get started.

Source: Canada Gazette: