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We believe your firm’s success is our success. The current and future opportunities available within the halal market are unprecedented. Over 25% of the world’s population currently identifies as Muslim and that number is growing significantly in some of the world’s biggest and emerging economies. Muslim consumers command strong buying power, evidenced by the rapid growth of the global halal food market in key regions like South East Asia and the Middle East over the last decade.

Large multi-national companies like McDonald’s, Nestle, and Carrefour recognized this opportunity early on and have successfully converted their expansion efforts into billions of dollars’ worth of revenue.

Even during the global financial crisis the halal sector experienced double-digit growth worldwide, with all signs pointing to continued growth in the future. But it isn’t just Muslim consumers that are driving the success of halal, in recent years millions of non-Muslim consumers in countries like the UK and France have embraced halal certified goods because they are generally considered to be safe, high quality, and responsibly produced.

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