You’ve got a business to run and may have little time to complete an in-depth analysis or research the complex laws on how to get halal certification. Not to worry, Halal Advisory Group has you covered. We’ve seen it all and work with companies big and small ranging from meat packers to agro-food firms, raw material suppliers to energy drink manufacturers.

Perception is everything and you work hard to maintain and promote your company’s public image. The last thing you need is your company’s name on the front page news for the wrong reasons. We take industry and government compliance regulations very seriously as halal consumers expect their suppliers, distributors, and retailers to uphold and follow these standards to the letter.

We also help organizations navigate the complex world of halal compliance with respect to food safety best practices. We’ve even developed our own HACCP [Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points] approach specific to the halal industry.

Don’t let fear of compliance keep your company from seizing this amazing opportunity. At Halal Advisory Group we can help reduce your risk and get your firm into new markets quickly and efficiently.

Want to get started? Click here to fill out our application form! Still need more information? No problem. Call one of our Halal Advisors to find out how we can get your company certified today!


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